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Read this guide to learn the steps you should take before submitting your app to the monday apps marketplace.


Want to submit your app?

For a list of our review standards, see here: App Review Checklist

When you're ready to submit your app, fill out the application form here.

Why submit your app?

After building your monday app, the best way to make it available to other users is to list it in the apps marketplace. This section lists all the steps and requirements in the app nomination process.

The nomination process is handled by the marketplace review team and allows us to ensure that the apps in the marketplace are secure, deliver concrete value and provide a great experience to our users. With that, as the app developer, it is your responsibility to continuously ensure these standards are fully met, while your app is listed in the marketplace.

What to consider when building your app

We are always on the look for high-quality and valuable apps. Here are some of the considerations we apply when vetting apps. We will be looking for apps that:

  • Add concrete business value to our users
  • Adheres to design guidelines and look and feel.
  • Can be easily used to configure customer boards
  • Are built as ‘monday apps’. monday apps must implement one or more monday features (integrations, views, widgets) and use our apps infrastructure. The process to create a valid monday app is via’s Developer section: go to Avatar > Developers and hit ‘Create App’ to start the process. When you are done you would hit the ‘Publish’ button to generate a valid monday app.

how to create an apphow to create an app

Examples for apps that are not considered monday apps:

  • Apps that are configured entirely on a website
  • Apps that cannot be added to a board/dashboard via the views, widgets or integrations centers
  • Apps that use the monday API without implementing any of the above mentioned app features
  • Apps that leverage user credentials or any other personal information without getting the user consent

Getting ready to submit your app for review

When your app is ready for the marketplace, here are a few more considerations as you submit it for review:

Carefully review our policies

Before submitting your app, review the following policies:

Prepare your graphical assets

Prepare the relevant graphical assets for your marketplace app page based on our submission guidelines:

  • App images
  • App and developer icons
  • App card image
  • App video (optional)
  • New: Dark Mode compatibility

Consider the security of your app

Ensure your app follows the security guidelines as listed in our Marketplace Listing Agreement, including:

  • Ensure your app uses TLS 1.2 and HSTS with a minimum age of 1 year
  • Only use permission scopes that your app needs

For a full list of security considerations, check out Addendum 1 in our Marketplace Listing Agreement.

You can read more information about marketplace security here.

Privacy Policy and Guidelines

  • Follow our privacy guidelines as they appear in the Marketplace Listing Agreement
  • Provide a link to your privacy policy which will be placed in your marketplace app page

Support channel

  • Agree to the support SLA as defined in the ‘End Users Support’ section of the Marketplace Listing Agreement
  • Provide an active support channel for customers to approach you.

Installation instructions and guides

Make it easy for users to get started with your app, including:

  • Clear installation instructions
  • Getting started guide for new users
  • App documentation

Communication during the review process

Before you submit your app for review, you need to share it with our team. You can do this by opening your app's management page and clicking "Publish". This will generate a shareable link starting with, which you can include when filling out the submission form.

Our review team conducts the review process via a board. Shortly after you submit your app for review, a review board will be created for the app and you will be invited to the board to communicate with our review team.

The board will be used to go through the entire review process and after an app is approved, it is onboarded to the marketplace.

To learn more about the app review process, check out this link for a list of criteria that will be used in evaluation.

Checklist: Is my app ready for review?

  1. Make sure your app is a valid monday app.
  2. Have you reviewed and fulfilled all of the considerations listed in the "Getting ready to submit your app for review" section above?
  3. Are you ready to support your future users based on the marketplace SLA? With the launch of the marketplace, The SLA is 2 business days for responses, but make sure you follow the Marketplace Listing Agreement for the up-to-date SLA.

Congratulations - you are now listed!

Once your app is listed in the marketplace, you will be able to make adjustments to your listing via a similar review board.

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