Uploading files using variables in the SDK

Uploading files to has become simpler using our SDK.


List type custom fields now support dependencies

After much anticipation, we’ve released the ability to create dependencies within your List type custom field blocks! For the complete guide on how this feature works, check out our Custom Fields article.


Clarification on retry policies for webhooks and custom actions

After seeing some questions in the community about this topic, we just wanted to clarify our run URL retry policies.


React component library for monday apps

We released 8 React components that you can use in your monday apps!


Dynamic mapping – send fields from to other tools

You can now create custom entities in your app that map to objects in other tools (or You can also specify dependencies for the configuration!


You can now build item views!

Item views let you create apps that are displayed in an item’s “Updates” pane. The view behaves exactly the same as a board view or widget, only it’s connected to a single item.


Added workspace templates to package template boards and dashboards with your app

Workspace Templates let you bundle a set of templates with your app. Super useful if you want your users to have a specific board structure and reduce friction when configuring your app.