People column support in Dynamic Mapping

We recently added the ability to support the People column within dynamic mapping custom fields.

The People column will utilize a new primitive type as its input: user_emails. This user_emails type is an object with two keys: identifierType which is a String, and identifierValue which is an array of identifiers (i.e. email strings).

Here is an example:

"people": { identifierType: "email", identifierValue: ["[email protected]", "[email protected]" ....] }

As noted above, the People column will accept user_emails as both its inbound type as well as its outbound type. No other types are supported.



Currently, if user emails are sent that do not exist in the account, or do not have permission to access the board, item, and/or column in question, the email will be omitted and no change will occur in the account.

For more information, check out the Item Mapping and Custom Entities documentation.