New information in the install and uninstall webhooks

We have added some information in the payload for the install and uninstall webhooks for apps:

One endpoint for your webhooks

We have some news for you 🙂

User email now included in app installation webhook

The app installation webhook will now include the email of the admin who installed the application. The same will apply for uninstalls.

New additions to the webhooks family!

We have amazing news!


When an item name changes is here!

We have added the possibility to use the changing of an item's name as a trigger!

Board IDs are now larger than the max integer size

Today we hit a big milestone – board IDs for new boards are now larger than 2147483647. Our users are creating more boards and workflows than ever!

The new monday style guide is here - Welcome Monday Vibe!

We are proud to announce the latest version of the monday style guide — Monday Vibe!


Include your blocks in the custom automation builder

We just released an amazing feature that will make your apps much more flexible for your users :muscle:


Get notified when your app is installed/uninstalled

We just added a new feature that will notify a URL of your choice when an app is installed (and uninstalled) on a user's account.


People column support in Dynamic Mapping

We recently added the ability to support the People column within dynamic mapping custom fields.